México City, 1976.


His work develops within drawing, painting, designing, sculpting, video and filming. He has lived in Mexico, Spain, France, India, Pilipines, and in New York where his works has been exhibited individually and collectively in Festivals, Museums, Galleries, Cultural centres, streets and non-profit spaces. Professionally he has been involved in projects with David Byrne, Mos Def, Morcheeba and Michel Gondry. His main objective is to artistically support the concept of interdependence as the essence of the creative force. Life as a whole is a series of connections between all things, and integration, contrasting a more popular dualistic philosophy of division and separation. Here, art acts as a social tool to bring the individual into the collective.

Solo exhibitions:


2014- "The Funnel Law", Kling, Madrid, Spain.

2011- “Estatu Quo”, Ramses, Madrid, Spain.

2010- "Bicentenaries", La Esquina, Soho New York, NY, USA.

2008- “Not for hire”, Cubao Expo, Manila, Pilipines.

2005- “Lucifer”, “Los Cadáveres Exquisitos” Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

2002- “Fractals”, “San Vicente Ferrer” Gallery, Madrid, Spain.

1999- “Indecentes Levitaciones Baratas”, Leonardo Gallery, México.

1996- “Ego manía”, “Ex-convento del Desierto de Los Leones”, México.


Collectives exhibitions:


2011- "The end of the world Biennale", Ushuaia Aerospatiale Hangar, Argentina.

2009- “EcoArt Film Festival”, The Elliot Museum, Stuart, Florida, USA.

           “Ganga from the ground up”, French Alliance Madras, India.


2008- “In My House” happening /collective installation, Makati, Manila, Pilipines.

           “Ultramar”, Astra Gallery  Makati, Manila, Pilipines.

           “Europa sa Manila”, Ayala Museum, Makati, Manila, Pilipines.

           "The Sea of silence” FICMA, Barcelona, Spain.

           "The Sea of silence” Cervantes Institute, Manila, Pilipines.

           “Ganga from the ground up”, Human rights Film Festival Montreal, Canada.

            “Ganga from the ground up”, Zaragoza Water expo, Spain.


2007- “Babae”, Ricco Renzo Gallery, Manila, Pilipines.

           “Manila Manila”, Astra Gallery, Makati, Manila, Pilipines.

           “Water and People” Film Festival, Madurai, India.

           “Voices from the Water”, Bangalore, India.

           “Marda Loop Justice Film Festival”, Calgary.


2006- “Ganga from the ground up”,

           Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto, Canada.

           “Water Museum” New York, USA.

           “Rio de Janeiro” Brazil Film Festival.

           Alberta Environmental Network, Canada.

           “Docupolis”, Barcelona, Spain.

           Human rights Film Festival, “DerHumALC”, Argentina.


2003- Casas y Calles 2.

           Doctorate master class, UCM. Teacher: Antonia Requejo.

2002- Art curator "La Vitrina" Lavapiés , Madrid, Spain.

2002- Founder of Casa y Calles.