Ganga is a goddess from the Hindu mythology; she also incarnate in this world as one of the most large and sacred rivers. She comes down to earth to purify us, for cleaning all our internal and external impurities.

Her myth and present is also a great parabola of the ecological crisis we are submerged. The problem is not only the growing rhythm, the ozone hole, global warming, over population, the resources depletion. The main problem is the lack of information and comprehension of the subject, and over all, the lack of mutual agreement in how to face these problems.


In this context we decided to make Ganga from the ground up, and humble project. With the only clear objectives of giving another perspective to the present problems we are facing as humans.

This documentary is a tribute to this other possible world, a tribute to all of us, victims of our own paradigm.

Tecnichal Data:


Title: Ganga , from the ground up.

Art Documentary

Format: Digital. DVD PAL 4:3

Duration: 19:00 min.
Year: 2004/2005/2006/2011

Places: India, Morocco, Mauritanie, Spain.

Author: Yves Sadurni Dupont